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School Uniform - a fresh approach

Where Kids-Biz can help improve your current uniform arrangement

The world is changing and schoolwear is no exception!

  • Products have undergone dramatic improvements as far as materials and styling are concerned.
  • In this busy, technological age, consumers are turning more and more to the internet to make their day-to-day purchases.   
  • Parents and schools are more environmentally aware generally but also as far as their uniform is concerned. 
  • And prices are coming down!  With basic schoolwear available in supermarkets sold at ever-reducing prices, parents now question the high prices charged by some traditional school uniform outlets.
  • extend your range, by adding new items like a reversible fleece, tracksuit or hair accessories
  • update your whole look, within or outside your existing colour scheme and style
  • offer more competitive pricing across all your products or perhaps earn some additional commission for the school
  • introduce internet buying facilities so busy parents can order online 24/7
  • save on expensive school admin time and costs; or release precious storage space if you currently stock items yourself
  • provide a more personal element with a local point of contact for school and parents

In the light of these changes, now is a good time to review your uniform and how it is offered at your school.

Kids-Biz can work alongside your existing supply arrangement, offering your school more choice and flexibility.  


Whichever direction you choose, Kids-Biz can help you achieve your goal

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