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Does your school sell its uniform through a dedicated local shop?  Or maybe you organise the sale yourselves through the school. 

Ever wondered if there was a better alternative?


Kids-Biz now offers flexible solutions to schools who want to be more in control of the overall look of their uniform and keep costs down but don't have the time or expertise to run it themselves.

How does it work?  As Kids-Biz are very much a one-stop shop for all your uniform components, you can now buy EVERYTHING  from one supplier.  We hold stock for you at our premises and deal directly with parents' orders.  Reordering will take place automatically when stocks run low.  You control the choice of items, the selling price and the level of commission you receive.

Kids-Biz can offer all or part of the following services, depending on your school's individual needs:-

What Kids-Biz can provide

Advantage for the School


  • Releases valuable storage space at school

  • Storage capacity need no longer be a factor when ordering garments

  • AUTOMATIC REORDERING when stocks are low
  • Save time monitoring stock levels

  • Save time placing and chasing orders

  • Orders will be placed at optimum time to achieve timely deliveries

  • Stocks should never run dangerously low

  • INTERNET SHOPPING FOR PARENTS available 24 hours a day, 365 days a week from the comfort of their own home.  Kids-Biz can also accept orders via traditional methods through school for those parents who do not have or wish to use the internet.

  • School no longer needs to allocate staffing or arrange volunteers to handle parent orders
  • Ultimate convenience for parents who can order at home in the evenings, at weekends and during school holidays  - not only when school shops are open
  • Payments can be accepted by credit card
  • free regular deliveries to school at agreed times and frequency
  • option of direct mail order for urgent orders
  • option of emergency stock to be held at school
  • School chooses what suits best as far as delivery arrangements are concerned
  • Kids-Biz REPRESENTATIVE AT SCHOOL at parents' evenings or on an agreed regular basis
  • Professional presentation of uniform
  • Ease of ordering at optimum time for parents
  • COMMISSION PAYMENTS based on sales at a level agreed with the school
  • Can provide valuable additional revenue for school funds
  • PROMOTION OF UNIFORM on your website or ours
  • Parents see full range of uniform and accessories photographed on the website
  • Of particular benefit for newly introduced items
  • Likely to achieve increased sales and wider use of uniform throughout the school
  • Encourages parents to visit school website
  • Improves cash flow and manages budget more efficiently
  • Allows school to order when desired and not when funds available
  • SALE OF SECOND HAND GARMENTS can be accommodated
  • Makes second hand garments more readily available to parents as this is not dealt with separately
  • Saves school the hassle of laundering, storing and selling second hand garments
  • Shows school is addressing parents' concerns over uniform costs
  • School keeps up-to-date with the latest designs, trends and materials
  • Increases uniform sales
  • ADVICE ON GARMENT SELECTION using the most innovative and appropriate brand names available
  • Using Kids-Biz product knowledge and sourcing skills, schools can be sure that they are using the best garments available at the most competitive rates
  • HELP WITH LOGO DESIGN - get the best from your logo across your whole garment range
  • Ensures that your school logo looks at its best and is used consistently throughout the uniform
We are now offering a free fleece for any school giving us feedback on this project,  If you would like to take part, we would be very interested to hear from you.

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